Huge Pitbulls! Biggest Pitbulls on Earth!

You have found the right website for Huge Pitbulls and everything XXL! XXL Bloodlines like Iron Cross Kennels ( ICK ), Ganghis Kon, XB, BGK and Muggleston just to name a few. We will list some of the best and biggest xxl kennels on our site. If you are looking to buy a xxl pit then there are plenty of good breeders listed on this site to choose from.

This is Moses from Coyote Pitbulls

The Top XL Pitbulls

We have some of the best XL Pitbulls listed here on our website like Moses who is a 21 inch 115 lb blue monster who comes from Coyote Pitbulls as you can see from the photo of him, he has a really nice chest spread for an XL and not many have it which makes Moses a very unique dog!

Huge Pitbulls

XXL Pitbull
XXL Pitbull Bane owned by Riverside County Pitbulls
Riverside kennels do have some of the biggest pitbulls on earth and they can prove it. These are the biggest pitbulls posted and shared on the internet! You wont find any bigger if they are not listed on this page. Some of these monster pits weigh up to 200+ lbs! We will do our best to bring you nothing but the biggest and nothing but the best!

We Cover the Popular XL’s and XXL’s

We will post about whats going on in the XXL community on this website. The most popular dogs out today and what everyone is talking about. From a dogs size to its structure. We welcome users to comment on the news articles we post and get interactive with our website and the other users. Please subscribe to our newsletter for only the best XL big pitbulls that we can find!

Blue, White, Red, Tri, Fawn and Champagne

Fawn Pitbull
This is Boomer owned by Black Smoke Bullies
XXL Pitbulls come in many different colors. Some of the colors you can expect in a extra large pit bull are blue, red, brindle, white, fawn, champagne, tri and chocolate. It seems most of the really big pits are normally red or chocolate this could be due to many reasons why but we will not get into that here.

Blue is another popular color that a lot of the kennels like to breed for. This color has been around for some time now and seems to be what most kennels are breeding for when it comes to color. I believe blue is still the color of choice when it comes to these extra large pitbulls.

Tri has been getting more and more popular as time ticks away it seems there is no limit on the demand for this color. The xl community is starting to breed bigger and bigger Tri’s into their XXL Bloodlines. This is something that will continue to grow as long as the demand is high for this color.

Champagne is also another very popular color among the XL and XXL Breeders. The photo to your left is Hardcore Steels Pit Bull Champ sitting down in front of the couch. I believe he is 90+ lbs and a very athletic dog at that.

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