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XXL Pitbull Puppies Contest for Riverside County Pitbulls

Have you always wanted a massive, high quality XL or XXL Pitbull puppy, but the price tag was way out of your budget? Look no further! Riverside County Pitbulls has a contest just for you. The winner will receive a $2,000 credit towards the XXL available puppy or pick spot of their choice. Any available puppy or pick spot on any breeding!

Here’s what you must to to enter:

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Winner will be chosen as soon as Riverside County Pitbull’s Facebook page receives 1,000 likes. So hurry!

To see Riverside’s breeding, please visit their website.

Move Over Pocket Bullies XL Pitbull is here to Stay

Big Money Dogs - Xl Pitbulls

xl pitbullMove over exotics and micros who once carried by far, the most expensive price tags in the American Bully and Pitbull communities. Rest in peace to the once most popular leaders in the industry; dogs like Dax and Miagi whose puppies were so expensive, owners often took out loans and financing to pay for them. There’s a new leader in the dog community, with puppies having price tags anywhere from $5,000 to a whopping $50,000. Stud fees alone hold a price tag upward of $10k. Ironically, the large size of this dog matches their very large price tag. Say hello to the XL Bully, aka the XL Pitbull.

They have been breeding them for the past 20 years or so and have been making a big splash along the way. Well 20 years later and the high price tag is still there on these dogs. That tells you one thing, like it or not the XL Pitbull is here to stay.

Kennels With Monster XL Pitbulls

There are several Bully kennels and breeders in the United States who specialize in producing the most massive and impressive huge Pitbulls in the Pitbull community. Riverside County Pitbulls being one of those kennels and Jocos Kennel.

DDK’s $500,000 Dollar Litter of XL Puppies

Im sure everybody has heard of The Hulk , well he had a litter of puppies that sold for $500,000 !!!! That’s a crazy amount of money! I’m pretty sure some of those were trained by DDK before they left their kennel, but still thats a lot of cash. For more information about The Hulk Click Here

XXL Pitbull Puppies – Tips For Owners

Pitbull Dog Chew Toy

xxl pitbull puppies illustrationSome XXL Pitbull puppies instantly begin eating and some could take only a little more. With the proper training, these puppies may get excellent family pets. Many puppies from breeders won’t have the correct shots despite just what the breeder assured you. XXL Pitbull puppies learn how to follow orders from an early age since I take the whole litter on walks around our property after they’ve the skill to walk good enough. Therefore, if you locate an XXL Pitbull puppies available, we highly suggest reserving the puppy ASAP. Blue nose pitbull pups are a few of typically the most popular designer dogs readily available nowadays. However, entire litters become reserved very quickly with breeders who are more well known in the community. Those breeders who consistently produce the higher quality XXL puppies with an impressive size and with a verifiable and popular pedigree rarely have available puppies.

Health Checks For Your XXL Pitbull Puppies

It is also advisable to observe for your dog to entirely develop so you could conduct any critical health checks on them to ensure they will not pass on any heritable diseases or afflictions. In addition there are a number of essential things to check on the dog. Some dogs actually realize the best way to obey individuals and they’ll also realize just how to tease. You should take care not to overfeed your dog. Despite their hefty look these dogs are in fact very excellent jumpers. Much like overweight dogs, under-weight dogs also face a multitude of health complications, a few of which could even end up being deadly.

You might need to get comfortable with different grooming strategies based on the dog breed you desire to adopt. Because of the internet, it’s likewise substantially simpler to get dogs. All our dogs have exceptional temperaments because they’re indoor-outdoor dogs raised around children and family members. It is important to not forget that it’s a dog which you are addressing and not a human being.
Dogs can additionally be bitten by spiders. So, it is undoubtedly crucial that you recognize the way to deal with insect bites on dogs. These dogs are bred with assorted breeds ever since. Working with a great blue Pitbull breeder will permit you to find the proper dog.
When you’ve picked a dog, be sure you assess the wellness of it and the wellness of its parents, when you have the chance Your dog will learn. however, it’s your responsibility to give him the opportunity to learn in a positive atmosphere. If you consider that finding a wonderful dog is a straightforward endeavor, believe again.

Training Your XL Pitbull Puppy

With regard to training a pitbull puppy you might consider you won’t ever get through, but it may just be that you’re taking the incorrect approach. Pitbulls have such a poor reputation (albeit unfairly) that many men and women just do not enjoy them. More especially, you ought not give your Pitbull a whole lot of grains since they may bring about many health difficulties. Guys and women that are looking to purchase pitbulls enrol on these sites and get normal upgrades. You must attempt to earn the infant Pitbulls to meet because many individuals as it can while it’s still young.
Consistently ensure you choosing your XXL pitbull puppies from a superior breeder. The pitbulls are yet at a disadvantage with reference to reputation concerning their conduct. They require a well balanced complete diet to maintain a high quality lifestyle and live their normal lifespan. They’re muscular dogs and, Thus, you must feed them with a lot of proteins. These pitbulls appear different than every other standard pitbull you’ve seen. The blue pitbulls is unquestionably the most popular shade from the pitbull colours.

Rumors of Removing the XL Class in ABKC

There has been a lot of talks recently regarding The American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) and the XL class in ABKC (what some still refer to as the XL Pitbull class). Right now its just a lot of hearsay with everyone staying quiet about where they heard it. However, with as much show attendees saying it, there has got to be some truth in this gossip.

XL Class in ABKC

XXL Pitbull and XL Class in ABKCLet’s assume what we are hearing is true. The ABKC has already done away/merged the Extreme class with the XL class. Was this merge in preparation to drop the XL Bully class entirely? Was this a way of pushing every bully that’s not short and squatty with with no legs into a class that will soon be removed? There are show attendees that feel this is exactly what is happening, especially after the same rumors are bouncing around about removing the Classic class from ABKC. Many show attendees are reporting that judges are having them show their classic bullies in the Pitbull (APBT) class. Although there has been no formal confirmation of this move to drop these classes, no affiliates of the American Bully Kennel Club have publicly denied this. With more and more XL owners reporting no competition in the XL Class in ABKC shows, it is becoming more and more believable.

The Future of the XL Class in ABKC

If these rumors do in fact become true, what is the future of the XL Pitbulls in the ABKC (currently the only registry that recognizes them)? Where will XL owners show their dogs? Will the ABKC denounce these dogs as a part of the breed, giving way for only the short, legless dogs that are being produced today? Will the ABKC papers on these dogs be voided permanently? No one really knows at this point. However, if the move is implemented, we do not know the fate of these XL and XXLs and their pedigree status. Currently, the UKC does not recognize dogs with this height (and weight) as part of the breed standard. Unless some moves are made quickly (perhaps a new registry?), it is almost inevitable that we will lose the pedigree status of our XLs.

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