Big Money Dogs - Xl Pitbulls

Move Over Pocket Bullies XL Pitbull is here to Stay

xl pitbullMove over exotics and micros who once carried by far, the most expensive price tags in the American Bully and Pitbull communities. Rest in peace to the once most popular leaders in the industry; dogs like Dax and Miagi whose puppies were so expensive, owners often took out loans and financing to pay for them. There’s a new leader in the dog community, with puppies having price tags anywhere from $5,000 to a whopping $50,000. Stud fees alone hold a price tag upward of $10k. Ironically, the large size of this dog matches their very large price tag. Say hello to the XL Bully, aka the XL Pitbull.

They have been breeding them for the past 20 years or so and have been making a big splash along the way. Well 20 years later and the high price tag is still there on these dogs. That tells you one thing, like it or not the XL Pitbull is here to stay.

Kennels With Monster XL Pitbulls

There are several Bully kennels and breeders in the United States who specialize in producing the most massive and impressive huge Pitbulls in the Pitbull community. Riverside County Pitbulls being one of those kennels and Jocos Kennel.

DDK’s $500,000 Dollar Litter of XL Puppies

Im sure everybody has heard of The Hulk , well he had a litter of puppies that sold for $500,000 !!!! That’s a crazy amount of money! I’m pretty sure some of those were trained by DDK before they left their kennel, but still thats a lot of cash. For more information about The Hulk Click Here



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