XL Pitbull Kennel Website Design

Have XL’s and trying to get your dogs more noticed? Hire me and I will make you a nice looking website that you can update yourself and guaranteed to bring you more customers. Having a successful website doesn’t happen overnight so I work with you either 6 months or one year of doing SEO work. By the end of a year, I guarantee the website will have paid for itself with the amount of sales you will make from the search engines alone.

Don’t know how to build a website? Don’t know the first thing about getting started? No problem. I have been building websites for over 15 years now. I have vast knowledge in the industry. I own my own web server so I can handle everything from web hosting and domain name assistance, to search engine optimization.

Please visit Coyote Designz for more information on having a website built for you.

Pricing Options

  • $800 Option: Complete website development and one time optimized & 1 blog article
  • $3,000 Option: Includes website development and 6 month’s worth of SEO, 6 Hours of Maintenance & 12 blog articles
  • $5,000 Option: Includes website development and 1 year’s worth of SEO, 12 Hours of Maintenance & 24 blog articles

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an ongoing process of analyzing and adjusting your website in a manner that attracts the major search engines, which in turn ranks you higher in the search engines like Google.  It is a tedious and time consuming process. ( see my Website Maintenance Page for prices after a year is up ) SEO is unique to every website, however people like myself know from experience the rules to follow to gain authority in the search engines no matter what website I am working on. I have put over a decade into learning these skills, so you don’t  have to. You will see results in a few months, which is quick. No website will gain rank and visibility overnight. If any developer tells you this, it is just a scheme to make a sale. But we ensure your website gains visibility in the most efficient way possible. Websites with no SEO will not ever exhibit results that are noticeable by the kennel.

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