R.I.P Hatfields Craigslist

RIP Hatfields Craigslist
RIP Hatfields Craigslist

About Hatfields Craigslist

Craigslist was 18.5 inches tall 125 lbs with a 26 3/4 inch head. If you are part of the XL communities then im sure you know who this boy was. He was a very popular dog among the XXL Breeders. Rest in peace Craigslist you will be missed but not forgotten.

A Poem Written by Vickie Lucas

Just me and my boy

Walks on a leash…you did everything EXTREME

From your build to your look, my boy was MEAN

Not as in attitude or demeanor, cool as a BREEZE

So cold in the bully game, made them all FREEZE

Look, wonder, question, stop and STARE

“He’s a monster”…Naw but his daddy was a BEAR

A chip off the old block his mom is what they call SUPER

Nova, that nice bitch that helped give her son a bright FUTURE

Nice build, big head, good bone, chiseled CHEST

A look that definitely set him a part from the REST

A big boy like myself, so I can totally RELATE

Inseparable, he was Craig and you can call me DAY DAY

My ride or die you were always by my SIDE

From dog shows to walks on the block you were my PRIDE

My big boy that stayed active and loved to PLAY

But still kept his cool and got props in a major WAY

You were a stunner my number one… my JOY

More than just a dog or a companion…YOU WERE MY BOY

This is a tough one but my champion has bowed out with GRACE

Hatfields Craigslist will always be my FIRST PLACE

Written by: Vickie Lucas
© 2015

REST IN PEACE 04/14/15

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