DDK’s The Hulk biggest pit bull in the world

The Hulk produced and owned by Dark Dynasty k9s have out done them selves with this boy. He is the perfect example of a XXL Pitbull at its finest. Weighing in at 173 lbs Nice Head, Good Body Structure whats not to love about this dog?

ddkthehulkEvery since The Hulk has been on TV shows like The View, social media sites like facebook have been blowing up with The Hulks photos and videos being shared by millions of people. I believe the people have spoken out loud for their love of the XXL Pitbulls and The Hulk.

Want to use Hulk as a stud for your female? Better get out your wallet and be ready to spend some money because his stud is at whopping 25k! You heard me right 25,000 thousand dollars and you can use his semen. Having a stud fee so high ensures he wont be over bred and have offspring from here to china, keeping the value on The Hulk at the top.

Although he is labeled as the biggest pitbull on earth, he isn’t. There are a couple other dogs out there that are bigger then The Hulk. But he is in the top 5 no doubt.

Want even more information about The Hulk Pitbull? Check out www.hulkpitbull.com for more photos and more information.

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