Rumors of Removing the XL Class in ABKC

There has been a lot of talks recently regarding The American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) and the XL class in ABKC (what some still refer to as the XL Pitbull class). Right now its just a lot of hearsay with everyone staying quiet about where they heard it. However, with as much show attendees saying it, there has got to be some truth in this gossip.

XL Class in ABKC

XXL Pitbull and XL Class in ABKCLet’s assume what we are hearing is true. The ABKC has already done away/merged the Extreme class with the XL class. Was this merge in preparation to drop the XL Bully class entirely? Was this a way of pushing every bully that’s not short and squatty with with no legs into a class that will soon be removed? There are show attendees that feel this is exactly what is happening, especially after the same rumors are bouncing around about removing the Classic class from ABKC. Many show attendees are reporting that judges are having them show their classic bullies in the Pitbull (APBT) class. Although there has been no formal confirmation of this move to drop these classes, no affiliates of the American Bully Kennel Club have publicly denied this. With more and more XL owners reporting no competition in the XL Class in ABKC shows, it is becoming more and more believable.

The Future of the XL Class in ABKC

If these rumors do in fact become true, what is the future of the XL Pitbulls in the ABKC (currently the only registry that recognizes them)? Where will XL owners show their dogs? Will the ABKC denounce these dogs as a part of the breed, giving way for only the short, legless dogs that are being produced today? Will the ABKC papers on these dogs be voided permanently? No one really knows at this point. However, if the move is implemented, we do not know the fate of these XL and XXLs and their pedigree status. Currently, the UKC does not recognize dogs with this height (and weight) as part of the breed standard. Unless some moves are made quickly (perhaps a new registry?), it is almost inevitable that we will lose the pedigree status of our XLs.

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